It's a Pain to be a Princess!

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A story in bright, musical verse that transmits values such as equality and having the courage to follow your dreams.  Nona is a princess who lives in a great palace, but she is not happy. Being a princess is not as easy as it seems… To begin with, a princess cannot make mistakes, nor yawn, nor scratch her nose… Furthermore, she must be discreet, always smile and wait patiently for her prince charming to arrive. It's such a boring job. It’s a pain to be a princess! Nona dreams of escaping from palace and finding her purpose, although she still doesn't know what this is. Therefore, she decides to leave the court in search of adventure. Outside the palace, she will have to follow her own path until she finds who she is meant to be and, thus, takes over her own destiny.

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Cuento de luz, tapa dura, 28 páginas, Traductor: JON BROKENBROW

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