The Luncheon. Raquel Bonita. Apila

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Like every day, Skunk carefully gathers everything she needs to prepare her dinner. All she needs to do is get to her burrow and enjoy the feast.

What could go wrong?

A nice story with a simple and colorful aesthetic designed for the little ones, to watch and listen. Simple, cute and fun.

The originality of Raquel Bonita’s illustrations through some very special animals. An unexpected end.

A story that tells us about sharing, but also about not being overwhelmed.

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Ilustrador: Raquel Bonita

Autor: Raquel Bonita

Edición en inglés: 978-84-17028-81-7

Páginas: 32 26 x 24 cm

Tapa: dura

Edad: a partir de 3 años

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