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Mothers' Bridge of Love is a charity that reaches out to Chinese children all over the world, in order to create a bridge of understanding between China and the West, and between adoptive culture and birth culture. It has three missions: to bridge the gap between the East and the West, promoting cultural awareness and understanding; to bridge the gap between adoptive parents and the adopted Chinese children, helping the children find their cultural roots; and to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, providing educational and other forms of support to children living in poor rural areas of China. Josee Masse grew up in Montreal, where she painted with her father in his studio from as long as she can remember. After college, she worked as a graphic designer for a few years, before deciding to become a full-time illustrator. She has worked on many books for children, though this is her first project with Barefoot Books. Josee lives in Quebec with her partner and their daughter.

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Xinran Xue,Josee Masse

Editorial: Barefoot Books Ltd 

Año de publicación: 2007

Encuadernación: Hardcover

Ilustrador: Josee Masse

3-8 aÑos

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